Why should I domicile my company?

Every company needs a physical address, but not all know which one is better in their case. Yes, although it is a necessity, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the location of the company. This is where domiciliation makes the most sense. 

The domiciliation is, therefore, the registered address of a company. In some cases, and when the company can afford it, it uses its own facilities as the parent company. When the business is small, its founders sometimes register their own residence as a legal address. However, more and more organizations of all shapes and sizes are using a domiciliation company, which brings them many advantages.

Why the domiciliation?

Let’s be honest, the reasons can vary considerably from one company to another. To keep it simple, we list a number of them below, based on the most common and relevant ones for the majority of users:

  1. Good value for money: unlike renting an office, a commercial space, or even a building, in this case, you only pay for your mailbox and the service that the company offers you along with it. In addition, each company has to manage its expenses differently. This means that domiciliation allows you to reduce your costs for instance the ones needed to recruit a new employee to take care of the management of the internal files.
  2. Opportunity cost: the term is used in many contexts, but in this context, we are concerned with the time spent managing documents, appeals, etc… In other words, by using a domiciliation service, a person will take care of your mail, both physical and electronic, manage your referrals, or take care of your calls (optional service depending on the contract you have with the company). This service will give you more time to focus on your projects and goals.
  3. Business address: it may seem logical, but having your address in a corporate location brings the reputation of a serious organization. In other words, if your head office is registered in a recognized place that reflects professionalism (i.e. a domiciliation company), your existing and future clients will readily consider your company as a more serious and prosperous one. This is particularly relevant for SMEs that use their private home address as domiciliation, or those renting offices in a location unknown to the public.
  4. Important parcels: When you have to receive a large package, it can be quite frustrating, and especially time-consuming to take care of it. Therefore, it is more convenient to deal with an external company that will make the whole process easier for you, by receiving and sending the required parcels. You will no longer have to worry about where and when to pick up and drop off your packages.
  5. Archiving: In some cases, the domiciliation company even offers you the possibility of archiving your files. Of course, in this case (as in all the cases) contracts are signed to guarantee the total confidentiality of your documents.

And you ?

Every company has different reasons for using domiciliation services. What are yours?

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