• Why setting up your business in the canton of Neuchâtel? 
    Setting up your business in the canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland – The canton of Neuchâtel offers a constellation of benefits when it comes to business domiciliation. Moreover, the recent partnership between Coworking Neuchâtel and IFJ facilitates the creation of companies in the Canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Click here to learn more! 4 good reasons to […]
  • Domiciliation : when does it apply ?
    Every company must have an administrative and fiscal address in order to officially exist. However, many reasons may force the company not to have one or to have to change it.  Domiciliation is the ideal alternative to remedy this administrative obligation. This article aims to show you in which cases a company can be suitable […]
  • Coworking seen from another angle
    Imagine being unable to work in your current office due to a disaster, pandemic or other incident that prevents you from accessing your workspace.  You’ll need to quickly come up with a plan B if you want to continue your business. Fortunately, there is a backup plan to get you out of this situation, which […]
  • Why offering a domiciliation service?
    Sedat Adiyaman and Manuel Schmalstieg, two young entrepreneurs, founded Coworking Neuchâtel in spring 2014. We have, therefore, been offering a company domiciliation service here in Neuchâtel for six years. We do it for three main reasons: to enable entrepreneurs to professionalize their activity, to make their lives easier, and above all, to provide them with […]
  • Creating your company in Switzerland
    Are you in the process of creating your own company in Switzerland? Your company is already recognized abroad, and you aim at creating a new branch in Switzerland? Keep reading this article will be useful for you! Establishing your headquarters in Switzerland Setting up a company in Switzerland is a relatively quick process that may […]
  • Domiciliation in Neuchâtel: what kind of companies?
    In the past, you have had the opportunity to discover the advantages of domiciliation in Neuchâtel. Today, we want to share with you the type of companies choosing our beautiful region as their headquarters. Small or large, every company is welcomed in Neuchâtel. The Neuchâtel coastline is mainly known for being the cradle of Swiss […]