Call management

Have you ever thought of using a call management service?

Nowadays, we are somehow constantly interconnected with the rest of the world. Although we have developed various ways to communicate, one of the long-established options remains the telephone. In other words, this method is still widely used, in spite of our increasing exposure to social networks and applications. This is particularly evident during this pandemic, as many companies have had to change their structure and set up a teleworking system. In this context, it is indeed necessary to have a telephone as a means of communication. In other words, it allows us to exchange certain information in a clear, precise, and fast way.

Call center services

During a day at work, a telephone interruption can be disturbing. Not only does it force you to deviate from the task at hand, but it will surely affect your concentration on other projects. This means that you will spend valuable time setting up other tasks, which are not a priority at the time. But how do you avoid this kind of situation?

There are services that will provide you with many advantages, such as the delegation of your daily tasks, allowing you to concentrate on the essential ones. In other words, we are talking about Call Centers. This type of service is offered by a variety of companies, typically by some coworking spaces. To put it simply, we take here the example of Coworking Neuchâtel.

Among a variety of services, such as domiciliation, administrative management, or event organization, our shared space offers call management services. This means that in addition to having a local telephone number, the calls you receive are managed by our team of professionals. To ensure optimal service, we keep track of all incoming calls and forward them to you regularly. This will provide you with an organized and easy-to-understand record so that you can contact the relevant people by order of urgency. You may be wondering, but where is the confidentiality in all this? Do not worry, confidentiality is guaranteed by contractual agreement, to avoid any inconveniences.

As you have understood, a call center will allow you to reduce the administrative burden. However, if you would like to know more about this (or other services we offer), do not hesitate to contact us! We are just an email or a phone call away from you!

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