Neuchâtel and domiciliation: Did you know?

As we know, the health crisis… enough about that! While the subject remains important. Today, we want to share something more positive with you. We are going to talk about the city of Neuchâtel, its opportunities and economic structure.

Innovation centre

Did you know that Neuchâtel is an innovative canton? And it is doing its utmost to continue in this direction! This beautiful city and its surroundings encourage all SMEs, start-ups, and entrepreneurs to develop in the region. To do so, they have created an ecosystem supporting businesses of all sizes to help them develop and build a promising future. In other words, a large number of companies in the canton are collaborating on a variety of projects, helping the most motivated ones to create the future of Neuchâtel. If you are looking for help to get your projects off the ground somewhere, the city will surely have the infrastructure to help you.

But which economic sectors are the most represented? 

It is one thing to find a canton that promotes innovation, the other is to know whether the benefits are applicable to your company. Although all sectors of activity find a place in Neuchâtel, the support structure for some sectors is more advanced than for others. In other words, any business is welcomed with open arms by the canton, but for some, it will still be easier to access an ideal structure to prosper. If you belong to a sector such as the watchmaking industry, renewable energy, blockchain (or others), Neuchâtel will provide you with plenty of opportunities to move forward. From coaching to networking, there are many support services.

What about the financial side?

Let’s face it, tax changes can sometimes play an important role in a company’s location decision. The canton of Neuchâtel is doing pretty well in this respect. Indeed, the reforms introduced in 2019 by the state are rather attractive, since the cantonal and municipal tax rate has changed from 10% to 7.2%. We are not going to get into a detailed analysis and proceed on a case-by-case basis, but if you are interested in making some useful calculations, the canton’s website provides you with the information you need.

Is there anything else you need to know?

Well yes, otherwise our article would stop there 😊. As any advice is good to take, here is ours: Consider the domiciliation in Neuchâtel! In addition to all the other advantages, you can enjoy a beautiful region full of natural spots to discover. Remember also that domiciliation does not mean that your company has to be in this area permanently, only the head office will be located here. You can, therefore, have all the advantages at your disposal, while continuing your activities in another region. For more information on this subject, do not hesitate to contact our team!

So, when do you plan to move here?

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