Coworking seen from another angle

Imagine being unable to work in your current office due to a disaster, pandemic or other incident that prevents you from accessing your workspace

You’ll need to quickly come up with a plan B if you want to continue your business.

Fortunately, there is a backup plan to get you out of this situation, which can last for some time depending on the problem.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to another aspect of using coworking spaces.

Backup office

Coworking is an option that we don’t instantly think about, yet it is a non-negligible alternative in emergency situations, for the following reasons:

-Time saving: Avoid the whole process of looking for a new office and all the paperwork that comes with it 

-Flexibility: Your status within the office colocation evolves according to your needs. If at first you only want office space for a few employees but later your entire team is in need, no worries ! 

-Furnished offices : An adapted equipment to allow you to work in the best conditions

-Services: A professional team dedicated to providing a warm welcome to your clients and partners

Everything is put in place to facilitate the resumption of your professional activity in the best conditions and especially in the shortest time.

In a completely different context, a coworking space has the advantage of being able to act as a showroom.

Showroom office

To pass an interview or to welcome a potential customer in another framework than the professional office can facilitate the contact and bring a certain proximity with its interlocutor.

If you want to recruit a new employee and your company is located in an industrial zone, the possibility of conducting your interview in a more accessible area should be taken into consideration.

Coworking Neuchâtel has the advantage of being located in the heart of the city in a historical building.

Moreover, in collaboration with the company Kinnarps, our premises have been arranged to be as pleasant as possible with ergonomic and design furniture.

In addition, coworking allows you to remedy situations that handicap your activity, to benefit from another setting for your interviews or simply to have alternative offices for your employees who are teleworking.


Article by Mélanie Mutombo

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