Domiciliation : when does it apply ?

Every company must have an administrative and fiscal address in order to officially exist. However, many reasons may force the company not to have one or to have to change it.

 Domiciliation is the ideal alternative to remedy this administrative obligation.

This article aims to show you in which cases a company can be suitable for domiciliation.

Start up companies

What do we mean by a start-up company? These are simply companies that are just starting up and are still in the early stages of their activity.

The advantage of domiciliation for this type of start-up is that it is not necessary for them to commit to a long-term lease contract, nor to have to provide a rental guarantee that reduces their cash flow. This is one less constraint to start a business in good conditions! 

It is also a good compromise to delimit one’s private and professional life by separating the company’s mail from that of the home.

In this case, we also find the entrepreneurs who launch themselves in dropshipping, activity which knew a consequent boom these last years. 

Having an address for your brand will considerably facilitate exchanges with suppliers, service providers, etc. Especially in view of a consequent evolution of your e-commerce in the future.

Transitioning companies

At the moment, there is no lack of companies in transition. Indeed, the crisis has had an impact on a good number of SMEs, forcing them to restructure.

As a result of budget cuts, they have been forced to lay off a good number of their employees or to relocate following the closure of their site.

Here again, domiciliation is an interesting solution for companies in this situation.

Those originally located in industrial areas will have the advantage of being able to locate in the city and those whose premises represented a large burden in their budget will be able to reduce it.

Moreover, being domiciled with a company such as Coworking Neuchâtel sàrl, also offers the possibility of providing its employees with a workplace for a lower cost.

In addition, the domiciliation has the advantage of reducing the charges initially for the companies in phase of launching, but also for those which are collateral damages of the pandemic.


Article by Mélanie Mutombo

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