Domiciliation in Neuchâtel: what kind of companies?

In the past, you have had the opportunity to discover the advantages of domiciliation in Neuchâtel. Today, we want to share with you the type of companies choosing our beautiful region as their headquarters. Small or large, every company is welcomed in Neuchâtel.

The Neuchâtel coastline is mainly known for being the cradle of Swiss watchmaking, or for its collaboration with the CSEM, ensuring the good development of the Swiss industry. However, many other companies have their virtual offices in Neuchâtel. These, on their own scale, also play an important role in the local economy. A number of them have their headquarters at Coworking Neuchâtel. We can even confirm that their areas of expertise are varied. Proof that the coastline has nothing to envy.

But who are they?

Enough talking! Here are a few organizations that have chosen Neuchâtel and our shared space as their headquarters:

  • Fondation Bioniria: this organization works to promote sustainable development, the knowledge economy, and bio-inspiration. Very interesting and enriching projects that you will discover on their web page.
  • Wikimedia Association: this one, as you may already know, aims to give access to knowledge for free. To do so, Wikimedia collaborates with many public organizations, such as schools, museums, or cultural institutions.
  • Legalista: since 2018, and with more than 20 years of experience in the field, Legalista has been supporting business leaders, managers, and team leaders, taking care of their legal issues.
  • G+U IT Solutions Provider: certified Apple, Microsoft Cloud, and 3CX VoIP telephony, this company provides consulting services as well as support and IT management solutions for all VSEs and SMEs. The goal: to create a partner relationship with customers in order to simplify and optimize their IT life.
  • DerDieDas Design: specialized in 3D design, this company works with customers from various fields, such as watchmaking, advertising, or R&D. Discover the history of DerDieDas and its projects on the official web page of the company.

What a wealth!

As you can see, Neuchâtel is rich in diversity (and this is only an extract!). Many professionals who are good in their field have chosen the coastal region as their headquarters. So we ask ourselves, what are you waiting for to move here?

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