Creating your company in Switzerland

Are you in the process of creating your own company in Switzerland? Your company is already recognized abroad, and you aim at creating a new branch in Switzerland? Keep reading this article will be useful for you!

Establishing your headquarters in Switzerland

Setting up a company in Switzerland is a relatively quick process that may explain the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit of the country. However, it is necessary to think carefully about where to set up the headquarters. Via the rental of a commercial office? At home, for the entrepreneurs living in Switzerland? Or by using a domiciliation company?
This last option can be offered by various companies. Coworking Neuchâtel is one of them. By making this choice, you not only benefit from a professional address, but you also have access to a network of entrepreneurs, meeting rooms, and even offices.

Find the answers to all these questions thanks to our previous article: where to domicile your company?

The advantages of Switzerland

Regardless of the type of headquarters you choose, establishing your company in Switzerland offers many advantages:

Economic climate
Switzerland enjoys a favorable economic climate with many opportunities and low unemployment. Although, of course, we are all currently experiencing the impact of the pandemic, it remains relatively stable.

Geographical location
At the center of Europe, at the crossroads of trade, Switzerland is a strategic place for any international development.

Political environment
Renowned for its neutrality, Switzerland enjoys a stable political climate. Also, its liberal nature encourages and promotes free trade and investment.

A well-known advantage, which is especially true for companies that benefit from favorable tax conditions. However, note that these may vary from one canton to another. If Neuchâtel arouses your curiosity, you will not be disappointed. The canton offers many advantages in this respect, but that is by no means all. Find out more in our article: Neuchâtel and domiciliation: Did you know?


Finally, Switzerland’s serious and reliable reputation can work in your favor in establishing your company in this country.

So when are you going to set up your headquarters in Switzerland?

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